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Fingerprint Padlock

Fingerprint Padlock, One Touch Open Thumbprint Security Lock with USB Charge Biometric Waterproof Keyless Smart Portable Fingerprint Locks for Locker.


Fingerprint Padlock, One Touch Open Thumbprint Security Lock with USB Charge Biometric Waterproof Keyless Smart Portable Fingerprint Locks for Locker.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
A. Amat
"padlock like" deterrent...

Most of these mini biometric "locks" you come across don't really qualify as "padlocks" the shackle/shank only has a single detent to grab the lockbar... meaning the lock can be literally slapped off...
This little biometric lock actually has both detents on the shank like a traditional padlock.
Which means it should survive a regular hand slap and may actually be able to withstand a hard whack with the heel of a quality dress shoe...

The biometrics are slightly iffie like they are on most low cost bio locks.
As they use basic old tech readers...they usually work best on ever so slightly "moist" thumbs...not wet...not overly dry..."moist"

Battery holds a decent charge if you get a good one. A little over a month if used on a near daily basis...
Honestly, this is exactly what I was looking in a temporary gym lock...

Joseph Notovitz
Works as promised, merchant has excellent customer service

Good product, and the company I bought it from was very responsive.

Set up was easy

Overall, I think that this XTUFF Fingerprint Padlock set up pretty easily, although at first I thought it was unsuccessful because I saw the red lights instead of the blue lights as indicated. However, I tried again after recharging it, and it seems to work well in accepting my designated fingerprint and rejecting the non set up fingerprint. At $30, it is on the price here side, but this is the first smart fingerprint lock I have tried and I'm pretty pleased with it. It is rechargeable using the provided microUSB cable. I haven't tried the max yet, but I believe it can set up up to 10 fingerprints. I generally lose keys easily, so this definitely helps.

HR Blondie
worked right away

 Comes with a USB charger and a small charge to get started. The instructions are very small and almost impossible to read without a magnifying glass, even with glasses on.. The lock was preset to read all fingerprints so it opened and closed right away. I am still trying to get the preset info erased so the lock only opens with my fingerprints. The lock is about the size of a suitcase lock and seems sturdy. Unfortunately until I can read the instructions I am set with the default settings of all fingerprints opening the lock.

wannabe perfectionist
perfect for my forgetful son's school locker

My son is very forgetful and has hard time remembering his school locker combination. He's also lazy so we finally got him this biometric padlock so he doesn't have to remember any combination as long as he still has his finger 😁

For each finger, it reads your finger print 6 times so it's very accurate and it recognizes the correct finger print very fast. You just have to setup one master finger print and after that, you can add as many as 20 finger prints. I only wish the fonts on the user manual was bigger because I had hard time reading the instruction due to tiny prints but it's very straight forward to set it up.

It's very cool and my son loves it but he said he's annoyed at all his friends who wants to try his lock to see if it will open or not. So far, it didn't allow anyone else to open the lock except for himself! Highly recommend it.

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