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 Lithium Batteries Combo Pack

14 Counts Lithium Batteries Combo Pack,AAx4, AAAx2, CR123Ax2, CR2x2, CR2032x4


14 Counts Lithium Batteries Combo Pack,AAx4, AAAx2, CR123Ax2, CR2x2, CR2032x4


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sherry Hayes
Seem to Work Well, Nice to Have on Hand

We go through batteries like crazy, so we were glad to see these offered. The packs are sort of like "samplers," great for a number of different applications. We couldn't tell if the fat, round ones were not C's or D's by the information or the photos, but it turns out they are something completely different than we have never seen before.

We tried the AAA's in a remote, and they worked well. We are not certain how long they will last, though.

Not convinced they are worth the price asked.

Large variety of Lithium batteries, 20 year shelf-life

This is a large variety pack of batteries, so you'll always have what you kind you need on hand. Lithium batteries are not rechargeable but they have a very long shelf life (20yr shelf life claimed) and last much longer than typical alkaline batteries. I got these just in time for my new trail camera that needed 8 AA batteries, and they have been in for over 2 weeks and are still going strong. I also needed the CR2032 coin cell batteries for electronic bathroom scales and other small electronics, and they are working well. The 20 year shelf life is great. Even if you don't need all these kinds of batteries now, they will be just as good in a few years time and you'll have them ready when your devices die.

That being said, I really dont have any need at this time for the CR123 and CR2 batteries. Those types of batteries are typically used in some flashlights and digital cameras, but are relatively uncommon and some people may not have much use for them.

I think it probably makes more sense to order exactly the types of batteries you need, instead of a large variety pack. This is absolutely a useful multi-pack if you really do need a bunch of types of batteries at once, but I personally think I would have been better off ordering a larger AA pack and a few coin cells. I'm not sure when, if ever, I will need the CR123 and CR2 batteries, but at least I know they will be good still years from now.

Nice Variety Pack But Includes Batteries I Can't Use So Pricey

This variety pack of batteries is a good one to have around the house. It includes the most used sizes including the CR2032 which I find that I need more and more.

Lithium batteries tend to last longer while sitting in a device and don't drain like alkaline batteries. They also tend to have full power until they die rather than slowly running down while giving less and less power.

There is a little tool--the blue thing--to help pop the batteries out of the device. That's helpful.

I have not had a use for the CR2 or CR123A batteries and I am not sure what they are used for. Who knows, I might find that this is a battery that is coming into use and will need them.

That said, the fact that there are 4 batteries in each package that are not useful to me makes these very pricey indeed but these could be a good gift for the new homeowners or when the kids have their first home.

Only time will tell if these batteries perform as a lithium battery should. I will update this review if they do not perform as expected.

These batteries were made in China.

Kenny Halsey
Lithium is awesome!

I just love Lithium batteries and I researched why they did better and it appears they give out the same voltage through their life rather than dropping as they get used. They make ALL the difference in my devices that need the power. Like my smart deadbolts for example! I must find some rechargeable ones! I needed this kit for my home alarm system and I even got to replace my button battery in my alarm clock thanks to the CR2032 that were included with this kit. No more flashing red icon! And the little plastic pry tool was a nice addition as it helped me get the tiny door open to replace the button battery. Better than using a screwdriver and scratching it up! A nice kit with a long shelf life and a great value. I will keep these bookmarked for future purchases!

Some odd sizes, not enough of the usual types, but a good set nonetheless.

I was sold on these batteries for the extended shelf life and claims that these do not leak. It's not feasable to try these out for such a long period of time before writing a review, so I must go by what I have in front of me right now.

I do not believe that there are enough of the usual AAs and AAAs in this set to justify the price tag. I do not know how much CR2 and CR123A batteries cost, so I can't make a fully informed determination, but I have no devices that use them. The CR 2032s are working fine in my headlamps that I use for working with black yarn, and/or night-knitting. The AA and AAAs are keeping my remotes and mini UV sanitizer in working order, and I have not had any batteries fail on me yet.

If you have odd-sized battery requirements, this set could be nice to have on hand, and who doesn't need AA and AAA batteries these days? These battery sets are nice to have on hand, but I wonder if I'm ever going to use the CR2 and CR123 types. At least I have many years of shelf life to wait and see. If any of these fail early or leak on me, I will be back to update this review.

Bevigor Lithium Batteries AA,28 Counts Batteries Variety Pack, AAx8, AAAx4, CR123Ax4, CR2x4, CR2032x8, Lithium Batteries Combo Pack, All-Purpose Battery for Home Security SystemNon-Rechargeable
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