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BILL.F kitchenware hits home with New York business owners and customers

by Jasper Zheng 24 Aug 2022 0 Comments

As the pandemic eases its grip on the American lifestyle, many Americans are beginning to return to a normalcy that once existed before the pandemic. With many people returning to work, gathering with friends, and most of all eating at their favorite spots, one bright spot that has emerged even during the pandemic has been the well-received BILL.F kitchenware products. Based on the principle that everyone should feel comfortable in their kitchen, the internationally recognized brand has further solidified its place in the minds of New York business owners and customers.

While visiting the local Pecoraro Latteria, the popular kitchenware brand met with great reception from Claudio, a New York restaurant owner. After using the BILL.F knives he said, “Wow, these knives are extremely sharp; I like their modern design, and they fit well in hand. I look forward to using these in our professional kitchen”.

A number of the local customers shared the sentiments of the restaurant owners especially enjoying the artistic design found with the newly released teak wood serving trays, bowls, and acacia wood end-grain cutting board. One such customer was Andre, who stated, “The pizza board, the cutting board, the setting all adds a different flavor a different feel when you’re eating with your friends. I feel like every household should have one.”

Many customers felt that the kitchenware products were more than just a tool to eat on, but the aesthetic features of each product contributed to a warm and inviting atmosphere that brought the feeling of home right to their plate. As more and more people are vaccinated, and restaurants begin to reopen, we look forward to seeing how the popular brand will continue to modernize the kitchenware industry.

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